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Why may it be possible to see some residual nits in my hair after I did the heated air treatment?

Why do I still see some nits in my hair after a heated air treatment? 🤔 Even after using heated air to eliminate lice, it's possible to spot residual nits. This method effectively kills lice, but nits (lice eggs) can remain attached to hair strands. The good news is, these nits are usually non-viable, meaning they won't hatch. Learn more about why this happens and how to ensure your treatment is fully effective in our latest blog post.

How to check your children?

Concerned about your child's itchy scalp? Discover how to easily check for scalp lice with our step-by-step guide. Keep your child lice-free and happy with these simple tips!

Home Cleaning Guide

Once a case of head lice is confirmed in a family, the first step is to find an effective

treatment to eradicate the lice and prevent it from spreading. The next important

step is a home cleanup. A lice infestation is on the head, not in the home, so there is no need to have your home deep cleaned. Lice can only live off the human host for up to 48 hours.


All hair must be dry and clean (not oily) and tangle-free.  There is a cost associated with not complying if we have to rigorously comb your hair or wash it at our clinic.

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