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Meet the Lice Mamas!

Nikki Ostrower, Nutritionist and Founder, NAO Wellness, and Nicole Crockett, Esthetician and Founder, PUR SOL, joined forces to launch LICE MAMAS, a new lice treatment and scalp health clinic in NYC. 

Our wellness journeys began way before “wellness” was trending. As founders of holistic, personalized nutrition and skin care companies, we practice radical empathy, individual attention to client needs, and proven, long-term results. We share an elevated approach to head-to-toe health that’s empowering, personal and inclusive – with an eye for comfy luxury. 

After visiting cold, stigmatizing, overpriced lice treatment centers across NY, and knowing (firsthand) how messy, toxic, or straight-up ineffective at-home lice remedies can be, we launched LICE MAMAS. We are the only lice removal clinic in NYC guaranteed to kills all lice and nits/eggs using our proven treatment method.

Our goal was to create a warm, comfortable, spa-inspired experience for kids and their family to become lice free at an affordable, transparent cost.

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All hair must be dry and clean (not oily) and tangle-free.  There is a cost associated with not complying if we have to rigorously comb your hair or wash it at our clinic.

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