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How long does the lice removal process take?

Our full service lice treatment takes 2 hours at the clinic. If you choose to apply the pre-treatment at home, plan for a 1 hour clinic visit. See our treatments.

Is your lice treatment non toxic?

Yes. Our lice treatment is non toxic and uses no harsh chemicals.

Is getting lice treatment at the clinic better than at home?

Yes, for a few reasons. 1. Our clinic is clean. 2. We don't have to charge a travel fee and setup fee. 3. If you don't have lice during a home visit, you still have to pay the travel fee and other unnecessary expenses. 4. Our lighting is optimal for making sure the job is done right!

Does Lice Mamas offer a guarantee?

Yes. We offer a 30-day lice free guarantee! If you discover lice again in that period simply come in and we'll take care of it on the house.


Do you offer lice removal for adults?

If you can get lice, we can get them off. From 1-100, Lice Mamas is your go-to lice removal clinic in NY.

Is your pricing different for longer hair?

No. The pricing on the treatment page is flat rate pricing regardless of hair length.

Does the Flosonix heat treatment damage hair?

While we do use heat to dehydrate the nits (lice eggs), hair will not be damaged in the process.

Do you accept insurance?

While we don't accept insurance, we will give you a pre-filled form needed to submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Do you accept FSA and HSA

Yes, we do accept FSA/HSA

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All hair must be dry and clean (not oily) and tangle-free.  There is a cost associated with not complying if we have to rigorously comb your hair or wash it at our clinic.

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