Easy Lice Prevention Tips For Parents

Keep your kids lice-free with these 5 lice prevention tips.

Tip #1 Maintain a little distance

It's no secret that most kids are super social and personal space grows with age. Trust us, we know how it is! But if you want to avoid a trip to Lice Mamas, teach your kids to maintain an arms length distance away from their friends. Not only will this prevent creepy crawlers from boarding your kids head, but it will also help prevent germs from spreading.

Tip #2 Hair etiquette

Not all hair styles are great at preventing the spread of lice from other kids to yours. If your child has long hair, consider braids, buns, or even the classic pony-tail. Keeping hair tied back and close to the body makes it harder for lice to go from clothes to the head.

Tip #3 Routine hair checks

The best defense against lice is early detection. Look through your child's hair every so often to check for tell-tale signs of new tenants living amongst their lovely locks. Notice if they suddenly start scratching their head more than usual or complaining of an itchy scalp. If you notice something, jump into action with Lice Mamas!

Tip #4 Don't share!

Sharing combs, brushes, hats, jackets with hoods, and anything else that goes on your child's head is a big no-no. This is often the most common way lice gets spread from one child to another and this single tip is one of the easiest ways to avoid having to spend money on lice removal with us.

Tip #5 Be informed

The last and final tip for keeping you and your child lice free is by knowing the ins-and-outs of lice. Luckily for you, we've created a little lice 101 guide to get you started. Learn more about lice.

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