Professional Lice Treatment in NYC

Our lice removal process is the only doctor endorsed, non toxic, kid-friendly lice removal option in New York City that is backed by a 30-day guarantee!

At Home Pre-Treatment

This process involves the pre-treatment step taking place at home. Simply pick up the pre-treatment solution or we can have it couriered to your doorstep.

Professionally applied pre-treatment

Flosonix Heated Treatment

Complimentary Comb Out

Requires a 1-Hour Clinic Visit

$250 (No additional hidden fees)

Includes same-day pre-treatment & delivery

Full-Service Treatment

Our full service lice removal option is the best option in the city. With our full service treatment, you can be at ease knowing the professionals got it covered!

Professionally applied pre-treatment

Flosonix Heated Treatment

Complimentary Comb Out

Requires a 2-Hour Clinic Visit

$350 (No additional hidden fees)

Not sure if you or your child has lice? Get a head check

$50 (If lice or eggs are found, fee is applied toward treatment)

30-Day Lice Free Guarantee

About the lice removal pre-treatment

Before using the FloSonix heat treatment, the FloSonix Lice Treatment Solution must be applied – it's like a superhero oil! This special oil is non-toxic and works by making the lice "go to sleep". Doing this is super important before using the heat treatment portion because it helps make sure none of your licey friends continue setting up camp on your head, or worse... someone elses! This magic formula effectively stops lice in their tracks.

About the Flosonix heat treatment

FloSonix is truly the superhero of lice treatments! This fantastic machine methodically dehydrates all the lice eggs so they can't hatch and make more lice babies. The process is quick, only taking 30 minutes, non invasive, and much safer than toxic over-the-counter lice remedies. This is the only lice treatment proven to kill nits/eggs.

About the Comb Out

The comb out is the grand finale of the lice removal process. With all the lice and their eggs incapable of growing their population any further, we simply comb all the debris away. What's left is a lice free head and a 30 day guarantee that you or your child will stay that way!


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